Edna Millay "Millie" Stovall

Reluctant Warden of the White Council


Template: Wizard


Superb (+5) Discipline
Great (+4) Lore, Conviction
Good (+3) Guns*, Fists, Alertness
Fair (+2) Craftsmanship, Stealth, Athletics, Survival
Average (+1) Endurance, Might, Scholarship, Weapons, Presence
Mediocre (0) Burglary, Contacts, Deceit, Driving, Empathy, Intimidation, Investigation, Performance, Rapport, Resources

  • “Guns” is actually her slingshot, which is equivalent to a pistol (Weapon 2).


Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Soulgaze (0)
Wizard’s Constitution (0)

Total refresh adjustment: -7



  • Reluctant Warden of the White Council
  • Small Fish in a Big Oily Pond


ASPECT: A Little Woodland Creature

East Texas. Big poor family at the edge of the Big Thicket. Middle child of many. Mother was a “wise woman”. Lots of brothers; slingshots, fishing, squirrel hunting. Chores (making soap, feeding chickens, etc.).

After a couple of good years of farming, the family started sending the younger kids to school. Millie had no complaints about the learning, but the teacher was a different story. So she’d sneak the books off the shelves and take them to read while she was off fishing.

She had probably been veiling unconsciously for a long time while hunting squirrels and catching lizards, but she started realizing she could do it on demand when she needed to sneak out of school. It was tough to keep her pole and dungarees with her, though, so her first primitive thaumaturgy was with object-swapping.


ASPECT: “That Just Ain’t Right.”

“The town turned against the family when I figure I was about twelve. Arley and Finis got into trouble with the Boudreaux kids after Daddy had that fight about the creek water. Ma kept telling them nothing good would come of letting people see what they could do, but boys don’t listen. That’s why the Cherokee only let their girls practice the true magic. But they didn’t tell us the Council would come along and put a stop to it all. We’d never seen a real wizard before; poor Finis didn’t have a chance. Arley ran off to the tribe and they put a stop to all that for him. But they said I should have the training.”


ASPECT: “Don’t They Teach You People Anything?”

When the White Council finally can’t ignore the stirrings from down on the bayou, Millie comes down hoping to put their fears to rest as fast as she can and get back home. But will she succeed when she sees just how much Houston needs a Warden?

Story outline: Comes into town, gets a feel for the local magical landscape, including the basic existence of the petromancers. Runs afoul of Mama Sinaloa, head of the local voodoun, but is drawn in by others (proto-Paraneters and other good folks?). Insert actual action sequences here, with plentiful applications of the phase aspect as she settles into the big city for the first time in a few decades.


ASPECT: Don’t judge a book by its cover

Millie can’t sleep because of the danged jazz festival in the park. As the night wears on (and on and on), she gets a weird vibe from the fourth act on the main stage. She can’t sleep anyway, so she goes to check it out. Just as she’s zeroing in on the source, she notices that it’s bending over a juicy morsel of groupie. She manages to separate them, and just as she’s about to put the hurt on the nasty inhuman predator, it dissolves into a shivering puddle of confusion. She ends up taking Seb back to her place to recover. He gives her the rundown on some of the New Orleans supernatural families and what they’ve been up to in the last few years — while she explains what it is they’ve really been doing all those years.


ASPECT: Son, I might be able to help you with that.

Hermann Park is nice and quiet at night, if you can avoid the nests of homeless people. Imagine Millie’s surprise when five bounding monkeys come right through the tree she’s sitting in, veiled. She takes off like a squirrel after them, just in time to see Greg toss them off the car and into the culvert. After the roundup is done, she’s got another bright young proto-practitioner to advise.

Edna Millay "Millie" Stovall

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