Sebastien "Seb" Rene LeClaire

White Court Virgin Busker


Template: White Court Virgin


Superb (+ 5) Performance
Great (+ 4) Presence, Rapport
Good (+ 3) Intimidation, Deceit
Fair (+ 2) Stealth, Athletics, Empathy
Average (+ 1) Conviction, Investigation, Survival, Alertness, Craftsmanship


Emotional Vampire (Lust) [-1]
Incite Emotion (Touch Only) [-1]

Total refresh adjustment: -2



  • White Court Virgin Busker
  • Something Wants a Piece of Me, I Always Want a Piece of Something


ASPECT: All I’ve Got’s the Shirt On My Back – Ya Want It?

From Louisiana. Son of the White Court family LeClaire. Privileged upbringing, private education, and bred to perform. As I grew, I became wary of my family’s intentions. I started to doubt my talents when I realized that I couldn’t tell what was being brought on by my own abilities versus arrangements made by the family. This caused me to rebel and kept me in trouble with the family often. I began to resist the perks and favors of being a LeClaire.


ASPECT: Our Family’s Pride, My Only Friend – The Guitar

Constant pressure from my family to change my ways began to get to me. I resolved to run away, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off. When I was 16, hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and I used the chaos of the storm to flee to Houston. I intentionally left everyone out of the loop, even my closest friends, hoping to remain truly missing from my family. As a last act of defiance, I stole my family’s heirloom guitar.


ASPECT: If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Is.

During Summer Festival, Seb decides to share his love of music with others. But will he be able to hold onto his humanity when Summer Court faeries take notice, inadvertently trying to awaken him?

Story outline: After nearly a year of being in Houston Seb is still content being a nobody. However he realizes that he still needs to do basic things like eat, pay rent, etc. So when Summer Fest comes up he decides there’s nothing wrong with using his own talent to make a living. He plays on the street hoping the influx of music lovers will take note of his performance. Take note they do, as (unbeknownst to Seb) Summer Court faeries just so happen to be able to arrange for Seb to perform on a main stage. The huge crowd causes Seb to have an emotional overload and nearly make his first kill.

Sebastien "Seb" Rene LeClaire

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